LIC Jeevan Saral – Plan – Complete Calculator – can help you to understand all the benefits of LIC’s Jeevan Saral plan, including premium, maturity. Premium and Benefit Calculator for LIC Jeevan Saral is a powerful tool to understand all the benefits of the plan in a simple and comprehensive. Category: LIC Jeevan Saral Plan Tags: how to calculate lic jeevan saral maturity value, how to calculate lic jeevan saral surrender value, lic atm plan, lic jeevan.

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Reply Llc can withdraw from Jeevan Saral Plan any time after 10 years to get eligibility for Loyalty addition also for at the time of withdrawal.


Pralabh Jain sarao December at I will not take the amount in between. Hi Pralabh Jain, can u calculate mine total, please! Ambi 7 September at Use this calculator to get the surrender value.

Giri Ranjan sara April at I am unable to provide expected loyalty addition which is not yet declared. Harshvardhan 27 December at You can withdraw from Jeevan Saral Plan any time after 10 years to get eligibility for Loyalty addition also for at the time of withdrawal.

I calculated for ten years and it is showing the maturity equals to paid up premiums only.

Policy Term is 20 yrs. Pralabh Jain 23 December at What will be the final amount i will be getting after 30 years.


Ankur Gupta 24 August at Shakti Negi 23 February at Could you please tell me my maturity value. Do u feel that 8. In case of Jeevan Saral plan loyalty additions have been declared only up to 17 years of term. What will be the maturity amount after 25 years? My monthly premium jeevwn Faizel Saheed 29 May at Reply Hello, I am Jeevan saralm policy holder terms 25 years.

LIC Jeevan Saral – Plan 165 – Premium, Maturity and Benefits Calculator

I started at age of 25 in and its 10 years since i have taken the policy. Even if you want to withdraw from the plan, it is advisable to get the amount back at maturity, as you will be able to get full paid up value and the full accrued bonus at that time.

Pralabh Jain 19 January at swral But remember that you will get the maturity sum assured and chat addition of a ten year plan only if withdrawn on tenth year. Meanwhile if sarxl else is in a similar position and can comment on the situation, they are welcome. If I wish to surrender now after completing 5 yearswhat sum will I receive?


U can’t believe i have taken jeewan saral policy in for a premium of rs. Javed Hussain 16 March ssaral Thanks and regards, Shinoy Reply Please use this calculator. I will suggest you to atleast complete 5 years for no deduction. Sumeet Pathak 25 December at If I wish to continue upto 5 years, how much i will get all total? Sagar 23 May at YEarly Session Start: Reply I have same question. Totan Saha 26 December at October I want to surrender my policy: At present, I am going through some financial crisis as I lost my job and wanted to surrender my policy.


Jeevan Saral Term: Partial withdrawal can be done on the 10 th year.

Surrender value of you policy can be obtained from your nearest branch office. I think the agent has divided the policy to create a pension plan which provides income from 16 th to 30 th year. Hello SirI am paying term as yearly and number of terms are 20 started in age of Reply Thank you sir, In this case how will be maturity amount calculated at the end of 20 year term.

Loyalty Addition — Loyalty addition is aplicable after 10 years of the premium payments if any Loyalty additions will also be payable if a death claim occurs after 10th years of the policy ,and should be in inforce condition.

Surrender Value — Jeevan Saral provides two types of surrender value.