Luiz Henrique Mueller Mello. 04 – Houlahan e Tacka – Kodály in the Third Grade Classroom. Uploaded by. JoséCosta. Kodály – Elementary Exercises. The Kodaly Choral Method is a comprehensive series of progressive songs and This collection of reading exercises is the revised English Edition, taken. Zoltan Kodaly – Choral Method – Reading Exercises Unison – ISMN: – Series: Kodaly Method – Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes (London ).

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Reading Exercises, BH Kodaly – Hal Leonard Online

Cyrilla Rowsell looks at a book that provides an introduction. Unfortunately, many glance at them and put them away again, because they are not aware of what a treasury the little book is.

Listening sxercises music is by itself insufficient. Ying Ying Ng is well-known for her bright, cheerful and clear theory books among othersand her mark is evident in this publication too. Her preface, like the rest of exerxises book, is laid out clearly and explains the use of colour, icons, diagrams and graphics.

A Key to Symbols and a Glossary helpfully conclude the introductory section. The piece is then analysed for its toneset, rhythm, scale, metre, phrasing and form.


This is very helpful for teachers searching for a piece to help introduce or reinforce a particular element — for example, the syn-co-pa rhythm or a major or minor pentatonic toneset. It should exercses teachers to analyse each piece in the book in the same way only more to do!

As explained in the Preface, each sample lesson is organised into the following sections: Each section contains step-by-step instructions as to how to best approach the teaching of each of the exercises. For example, Sample Lesson 3 includes:. Suggestions are also given for activities such as switching between singing solfa and singing rhythm syllables, or adding a rhythmic ostinato.

Review: Teacher’s Handbook for Kodály’s 333 Reading Exercises

Writing activities include the use of the hand stave, where children show a melody on their fingers each finger representing one line of the stave. One of the beauties of stick notation is that it lends itself so easily to transposition — children can sing the melody, and show it on the hand or board stave, in a variety of keys using both solfa and letter names.

Clear guidance is given regarding exercises which are written on the stave, including excellent preparation ideas, thus ensuring that the child will rxercises successfully from staff notation. So many students, of all ages, are worried about sight-singing — this book shows how to build up this skill in a structured and enjoyable way.


I only have one major reservation: I hope this will be considered when a reprint is commissioned. It is refreshing to see a publication which shows just how creative a teacher can be in his approach to this work, and how improvisation can be woven in, both to prepare an exercise or to reinforce one of its components.

Providing engaging and useful content to the music and performing arts industries since Remember Me Lost Password Register. Home Music Teacher Review: For example, Sample Lesson 3 includes: The book is accompanied by a CD containing performances of each exercise.

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