The KKS system is a classification system for the complete power plant and its components and provides a common language for the designer. IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM KKS Chapter I KKS Guidelines and Total Plant Key Chapter II Function Key Chapter III Equipment Unit Key Chapter IV Component. I have a query which states: One of my client using KK standard codification for P&ID In KKS Codification of P&IDs, the line tag, instrument tag and valve tag.

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Equipment unit code consists of 2 letters data characters A1 and A2 codidication, 3 digits data characters AN and sometimes 1 letter data character A3 which can be, and often is omitted. M — Main machine sets Room Identification by Coordinates Serial no. If the letters available are insufficient, FN may be used.

On breakdown level codificqtion, transducer racks, supports and frames are identified by means of GZ. This applies analogously to supply systems. H — Conventional heat generation C — Direct measuring circuits Room Identification by Numbering Serial no.

Format of Breakdown Levels Originally the titles of the breakdown levels were based on the process-related code: Any combination of alpha and numerical symbols appropriate to the requirements kkd acceptable for the codificwtion of connections.

Kraftwerk – Kennzeichen – System KKS was published in coditication edition by the VGB and is now the basis for the designation of installations and subsystems in power plants. No one of these symbols can be omitted. Redundant zeros must be written.


The next counting signs of the circuit does not change when is creating only one combined variable. This draws clear divisions between power plant installations and systems, and takes full account of the needs of manufacturers, operators, inspectors and other authorities as well as the technical requirements of the mechanical engineering, process ccodification, civil engineering, and electrical and control engineering sectors.

The numerical digits count and subdivide the unit e. Safety equipment, consisting of safety valves and their associated piping, are assigned to the system to which they are connected.

Coding letters and designations of the main groups A1 as given in the Equipment Unit Key: Remember me on this computer.

QCG Central chemical supply free for use e. Contents of Data Characters I – 3. Steam, water, gas cycles Q.

When technical installations differs only with counting signs of installation it is necessary to assign to a secondary variable counting signs like for one of those installations e.

Redundant zeros must be written, e.

KKS Identification System for Power Plants – Function and Type

Regulation part is described in level 1 by process-related installation, and level 2 by the controlled parameter – control part is described by executive device e.

Their use for any intended purpose is subject to agreement between the parties to the project.

Exceptions are junction boxes for main machine sets and heavy machinery, codificafion junction boxes in electrical and control and instrumentation cubicles and cabinets; these are identified on breakdown level 1 according to the associated main machine or heavy machine and cubicle or cabinet respectively. CF means the twelfth local measuring circuit of fluid codiication the code CF12 is not correct. In case of single closed regulation circuits, it is divided into 2 parts: Details of application are subject to agreement between the parties to the project.


EB – Conditioning of signals related to single drive control. X — Heavy machinery not main machine sets P — Cooling water systems The latter consist of data characters occupied by alpha and numeric symbols. A – Grid and distribution systems for electric power plants, thermoelectric power plants and heating plants These codiffication signal processing elements receive the code of the equipment unit concerned.

KK standard codification

X and Y zones are outside the grid. The outdoor area is designated in the breakdown level 1 by symbols: Codificaion zone X Grid zone Installation zone Y.

The planning, construction and operation of power plants was based in the past on attempts to identify installations and parts thereof by means of differing incompatible systems.

It should be decided on a case- to-case basis which numbering convention is best suited to the extend and structure of the systems and plants to be identified. Where an equipment unit serves as an interface between two or more systems, its system code is assigned on the originator principle, i. Examples Examples of the identification of installation spaces in panels To identify the installation space, draw on front of the panel coordinate system origin – so called grid.