In this paper, three assembly balancing methods were studied: largest Candidate Rule (LCR),. Kilbridge and Wester (KWC), and Ranked Positional Weight. KILBRIDGE & WESTER METHOD. Problem 2: The following list defines the precedence relationships & element times for a new model toy: Element. 1. 2. 3. 4 . 5. EXAMPLE 3: Kilbridge and Wester Method Apply the Kilbridge and Wester method to Example Problem 1. ‘ TABLE 4: Work Elements Assigned to Stations.

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These methods are heuristic approaches, meaning that they are based on logic and common sense rather than metjod mathematical proof.

The technique has been applied to several rather complicated line balancing problems with apparently good success [11]. For element I, the elements that follow it in the arrow chain see Figure 6. Email required Address never made public. The total time of the elements in column I is 0. We then start the search over again from the top of the list. In this section we consider several methods for solving the line balancing problem by hand, using Example 6.

You have to memorize only 7 steps to fix a scrambled cube. The manual methods to be presented are: Steps 2 and 3 result in the assignment of elements 2, 5, 1, and 4 to station 1.

Make column II in which list all elements, which follow elements in column I.


The RPW takes account of both the T e value of the element and its position in the precedence diagram. Submit Your Questions Here! For convenience, include the T e value kikbridge immediate predecessors for each element.


However, it should be noted that we have accepted a cycle time different from that which was originally specified for the problem.

Kilbridge and Wester Method Assignment Help

The reader can see that the trend will be toward lower values of RPW as we get closer to the end of the precedence diagram. The table also shows the T c value for each element and the sum of the T e values for each column. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Element 6 is the only one that can be entered. In general, the Kilbridge and Wester method will provide a superior line balancing solution when compared with the largest-candidate rule. This overcomes one of the difficulties with the largest candidate rule, with which elements at the end of the precedence diagram might be the first candidates to be considered, simply because their T, values are large.


The interested reader is invited to consult the references, especially [2], 17], or 11], which apply the Kilbridge and Wester procedure to several more realistic problems. We immediately see that the column Kllbridge elements cannot all fit at station 1.

None of the methods guarantees an optimal solution, but they are likely to result in good solutions which approach the true optimum. Notify me of new comments via email. It is important for students to understand the integrated nature The steps used in solving the line balancing problem are listed below, followed by Example 6.

To assign elements to the first workstation, start at the top of the methpd and work down, selecting the first feasible element for placement at milbridge station. A ranked positional weight value call it the RPW for short is computed for each element. Of course, the most desirable number of stations is that which satisfies Eq.


Assign elements to stations according to RPW, avoiding precedence constraint and time-cycle violations. Ask a Question Submit Now. Number of stations would be:. To select which elements from column II to assign, we must choose those which can still be entered without exceeding T c. Can you use the QA strategies methov techniques described in this chapter to deal with other problems, Starting with a given T c value, it is not usually clear how many stations will be required on the flow line.

Ajd number of computer programs have been developed to deal witii these larger assembly line cases.

Discuss why corporate culture is such an important determinant of organisational success Constraint the precedence diagram so that nodes representing work elements of identical precedence are arranged vertically in columns.

The corresponding balance delay is The RPW solution represents a more efficient assignment of work elements to stations than either of the two preceding solutions. When quoting or paraphrasing from any material e. The sum of the T e values for the columns is helpful because we can see how much of the cycle time is contained in each column.