Download and view instructions SONY KDLEX TV/ Television online. Click to go to download SONY KDLEX TV/ Television for free. – D. On Sale at Sound and Vision KDLEXU (KDL26EX) Sony 26inch HD Ready HD Ready p; 4x HDMI / USB; In built Instruction manual; BRAVIA 2. Free Service Manual Reparaturanleitung Manual de servicio Manuel de rĂ©paration Repair schaltplan schaltbild manuale di servizio Information.

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Two models in the range: So, two screen sizes – 22 and 26 inch. The specification on both models is exactly the same.

The model we are showing here is the 26 inch version. So, first of all we will go through the actual sockets on the rear of the TV. On the rear of the panel you have got three HDMI sockets.

You have also got two scart sockets, one PC input so, like we have done here, if you want to plug your PC or laptop into it you can do so – it has got a D sub-socket on the rear of the set.

You have manuxl got an Optical Out so if you want to feed the sound digitally out of the TV through an external amplifier you can do that. And it is also got an Analogue Audio Out on the rear of the set. You have also got a USB Input on the side of the TV, so if you want to plug a memory stick into the side of the set, you can download music or photographs from that memory stick and have them displayed or listen to them on the screen.

You have also got Composite Input on the side, which is the yellow, red and white socket – Wii games consoles use that, so you can plug your Wii games console into here.

Mmanual is also a headphone socket on there as well. But you have also got additional connections for things like Wii games consoles you can plug into there as well. So, more than enough connections on this range of TVs.

The sets themselves, specification-wise, are identical.

Sony KDL-26EX302 Manuals

They are both HD-ready. They are also digital-ready so they have digital tuners built into them as well. We can go from that, and it displays then all the inputs on the screen.


Just by clicking the button the top-left of the remote control shows you all the inputs. We can then scroll Up, Down, Right or Left, through those inputs.

So if we want to go to, say, the TV channels, we just highlight TV, kdl-26exx302 OK in the centre of the remote control – and it will display what is on the TV at that moment in time.

SONY KDLEX TV/ Television download user guide for free – D |

So at the moment there we are on BBC1. Now, with this being a digital TV, you do have a full guide system built into the TV as well.

So, on the remote control you have a button there; you press the Guide button and it puts the TV Guide up onscreen. It shows us at the moment we are on BBC1. We can scroll down from there and we will go through the other channels. We are on now Channel 4.

Sony KDLEX review | What Hi-Fi?

We can click over to the right just by pressing the right keypad, and the programmes start to change during the day. So you can see exactly what is on during the day. So you have got a Guide button on the remote control.

If we go through the Menu system on the TV, you have a button kdl26ex302 here which says Home – it is in blue. If we press the Home button, it puts the usual Sony crossbar menu system up. If we click to the left and go along here, it takes us to Picture.

We just press OK in the centre, we then enter all the picture settings where you can then manually adjust the contrast, brightness, colour, sharpness to however you want it. If we return out nanual that and drop down one, we have also got adjustments for sound as well.

So you can actually throw the sound out and around you from this TV as well. The actual sound output from this range is 10 watts in total; it is 5 watts per channel – which is equivalent to many large-screen TVs as well. So, a lot of small-screen TV centres suffer from poor sound – this has actually got quite a decent sound system in it as well. What I would say, if you manua, like more details on this range of TV, is please give me a call – my name is Chris.


You can get hold of me on We now also have a store in Leeds as well – you can also call our Leeds store on Or go to our website which is www. Or click the link at the side of the screen for any more details.

Are you looking for a small second television for the bedroom, kitchen or study then look no further than the Sony KDLEX This is a 22inch HD ready LCD television with the convenience of a built in Freeview tuner at a very cheap deal price.

The Freeview digital tuner in the Sony Bravia KDL26EX is simple to use, with all you have to do is plug the LCD television in to your standard aerial socket sit back and start enjoying all the new free to view channels, with no contract or monthly subscription fee.

What Hi-Fi?

As the Sony KDL26EX has a built in Freeview tuner, this also means it is Digital Ready, so when the digital switch over takes place in your area you will not need to change or upgrade as this widescreen LCD is already set to go. This means when the 26ex is connected via a HDMI cable to a high definition source like Blu-ray DVD, HD satellite box or kddl-26ex302 console, the picture that will be displayed is cleaner and sharper in definition than on standard tv sets. This gives you the opportunity to share your favourite photographs with family and friends on the larger screen, watch films or listen to your favourite tune downloads all via an manial USB dongle.

This is an incredibly versatile and inexpensive bundle by Sony and we at Sound and Vision feel that this is the tv to own if you are after an excellent quality hdtv for a second room or bedroom tv. With excellent quality and even the amazing onboard Bravia 2 picture processor, this is a must buy small screen tv set. We protect your details using bit key encryption.