IN THE PRESENCE OF MY ENEMIES. Gracia Burnham, Author, Dean Merrill, Joint Author, Dean Merrill, With with Dean Merrill. Tyndale $ (p) ISBN. In the Presence of My EnemiesIn the Presence of My Enemies, the gripping true story of American missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham’s. [PDF] Download PDF DOWNLOAD In the Presence of My Enemies By – Gracia Burnham Online Ebook Ebook | READ ONLINE Download at.

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She shares in such a real and vulnerable way that it convicts my heart anew. Which is quite an achievement since there is ample scope for a fascinating story to be told with important discussions ab The story of the kidnapped Protestant Missionary Couple who were held captive on a Filippino Island for a year should be dynamite.

It is a story that you cannot read on reflecting on the inscrutability and goodness of the prdsence of God.

In the Presence of My Enemies – Gracia Burnham, Dean Merrill – Google Books

She mentions this in the fi I picked up this book after reading the story of a missionary kidnapping of years ago, The Miss Stone Affair: I actually relate to this story rather strongly, because in some respects it resembles my own. She admits there were times in the jungle when she questioned why God allowed her and Martin to be captured and held for so long.

Ultimately, Gracia’s ability to maintain her faith is amazing. Overall this was a good read. I followed their captivity with quite a bit of interest, and I felt brokenhearted for the family both during and after the events chronicled in their book.

It is a remarkable of story of perser In the Presence of My Enemies is Gracia Burnham’s heatbreaking yet uplifting memoir reflecting on her time as an Abu Sayyaf hostage in the Philippines in the early ‘s. At one point, Martin boldly refers to all the bad things the captors have done to the hostages, only to have one of them look at him quizzically and claim he has never done any harm to the hostages.

Unflinchingly honest, Gracia refuses to paint herself as a hero.

In the Presence of My Enemies

Just let us go, you creeps! Most of the other hostages are ransomed and released — if they’re not beheaded first. I know which category I put this into. Although compassion was shown for the captors’ humanity, the missionary couple never lost sight of their own identity as God’s people.


The captors, in fact, do unspeakable things, such as beheading hostages or taking them as unwilling “wives. The story needed to be told, and I’m glad it crossed my path. Her husband was killed during the raid by the Armed Forces of the Philippines that finally freed and for some, killed the hostages. One of the things they determined to do was to befriend their captors. Martin seemed to be her rock, pulling her out of her doubt and depression through his optimism and easy-going nature.

She was also honest about how she felt about the terrorist, and quite understandably. And there were certainly engaging touches thereafter, such as the moment when Gracia and Martin observe a commercial jet passing overhead and wish they could be on that plane, no matter where it’s headed.

They were held pending the payment of a large ransom, one which missionary groups will never pay. In the Presence of My Enemies 1 2 Aug 14, On the one hand, they do not seem dedicated to hunting down the terrorists, as they would pursue the Abu Sayyaf into the jungle but just when they had the Abu Sayyaf cornered, they would retreat because, according to Gracia, their shift had ended.

References to this book The Pacific Challenge: Yeah, but all those rules don’t apply when you’re dealing with infidels. At first I was a bit reticent to get into this book, expecting “just another missionary story. Something far deeper and more significant that the “Stockholm syndrome” developed as the Burnhams displayed a godly love for their captors as well as clear perspectives with respect to the evil of their actions.

In the Presence of My Enemies. For American missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham, what started out as a relaxing, once-in-a-lifetime anniversary getaway at an exotic island resort turned into one of the most horrific nightmares imaginable.

She accepts the negative and tries to forge hope from it. This is a compelling true story.

The Gracia Burnham Collection: In the Presence of My Enemies / To Fly Again

The story is told by Gracia, who survived the ordeal. And the final chapters – like an overlong and contrived evangelical sermon trying to shoehorn in messages of poor theological quality – are just irritating.


Much of In the Presence of My Enemies tells of the ordeals that the Burnhams faced during their year in captivity. A really inspiring read and plenty of food for thought. Or would the real me shine right through? But the story was well written and it made me think about my faith and how I would react.

I too have dealt with bitterness and a sense of estrangement from God, and unlike Gracia may not have completely gotten past that.

After a year of captivity, and a violent rescue that resulted in Martin’s death, the world watched Gracia Burnham return home in June with a bullet wound in the leg and amazing composure. I have quite a few reasons to like this book. On an early morning in late Mayan American missionary couple was kidnapped from a Philippine resort where they were celebrating their wedding anniversary. Readers will likely be tearful of the moment in the book when her husband is killed—and her final rescue.

Dec 01, Melodie Pearse rated it it was amazing. It made me realize that it can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. Although compassion was shown At first I was a bit reticent to get into this book, expecting “just another missionary story. The story of the kidnapped Protestant Missionary Couple who were held captive on a Filippino Island for a year should be dynamite.

While I can’t relate to her experience, I can definitely understand the doubts she experienced. In the right hands, a mediocre subject can be fascinating, but the reverse is also true. My wife read it to me while we traveled and it was hard to stop reading when we arrived. Fascinating read and hard to believe anyone could survive what she did.

I do recommend it, despite not sharing the same faith as the writer.