Order, Calibrate, or Rent the Hioki Battery Hi-Tester (60V) on sale at Transcat. Free shipping over $ BATTERY HiTESTER Field Measuring Instruments. Auto-hold and Auto- data storage. Enhanced resistance against noise. Store up to sets of data. Hioki Hand Held Battery HiTester, Hioki – on Sale at the Test Equipment Depot.

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Hioki portable battery testers support the maintenance of UPS and storage batteries hiokii to the life support of all businesses. The BT battery internal resistance tester sets the standard for assessing the deterioration and remaining life of UPS and other lead-acid batteries by giving a hloki diagnosis via battery resistance testing.

The specially designed L Pin Type Lead further improves testing efficiency with an L-shaped tip that lets you reach deep into the battery racks to completely probe the terminals.


It is important and necessary to always conduct battery testing against the internal resistance and terminal voltage of a new or reference battery. Hkoki 2 In some cases, it may be difficult to determine the deterioration state of traditional open type liquid lead-acid or alkaline batteries which demonstrate smaller changes in internal resistance than sealed lead acid batteries.


For the latest information about countries and regions where wireless operation is currently supported, please visit the Hioki website.

Simply touch the test leads to the battery terminals to easily capture battery condition data with the Hioki BT Battery Tester. Measured values captured by the Hioki Hooki Battery Tester can be displayed and saved onto a mobile device wirelessly.

The results can also be used to create automatic reports. Reports created on your mobile device can even be e-mailed to the office to further increase work efficiency. Data uploaded by the Gennect Cross app can also be loaded into a PC to view the historical state of the specified battery as a graph. For an updated list of supported countries, please go to www.

By using its comparator function to simultaneously measure the internal resistance and voltage of a lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, or nickel-hydride battery, the BT can generate comparative judgments quantifying degradation of the cell based on user-specified threshold values. Measurement data loaded onto a tablet or smartphone can be viewed using templates and graphed to allow assessment of data by the cubicle up to data points.

Providing the finest test equipment solutions since 1992

In addition, the app makes it possible to instantaneously create reports while in the field. Log into your myHioki account to access more technical documents and information where available.


Primarily for use with lead acid batteries, easy 4-terminal measurement, 2. Primarily for use with lead acid batteries, large angle hikki probe application, 2.

Can hold the values while measuring them, for the BT use with the L, For the, A: Use commercially available hook-and-loop fasteners when securing to the carrying case. Overview Specifications Downloads Options Applications Gallery Hioki portable battery testers support the maintenance of UPS and storage batteries hiooi to the life support of all businesses.

How to use Battery Testers: No AC input Display update rate Approx. Date, time, resistance value, voltage value, temperature, comparator setting values, and comparator judgement. Seminar Videos On Demand No results were found.

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