Author Ilona Andrews’s complete list of books and series in order, with the latest releases, covers, descriptions and Retribution Clause () (in Hex Appeal). Hi Ilona Please can we have more info on the Hex Appeal? jumP. For the folks who want to preorder, here’s the link. Ilona and Gordon have done it again. Now I want to know more about Adam and the magic users in Philadelphia. I hope there is a companion.

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There Will Be Demons by Lori Handeland Didn’t care for this one at all, just not to my tastes mainly because I disliked uex of the characters. But why, why was this soooo short?

That was just the most explicit example, but yeah, I didn’t enjoy the story enough for it to overcome that fatal flaw, so I doubt I’ll be seeking out more Green. In the magical world that lies hidden beneath our own, witches and conjurers play deadly games.

I know I read and watch enough mystery type stuff that I might just be a iloma good guesser, but I really do think this one was twelve kinds of simple to sort out. A story is set in Kate Daniels universe, but the action takes place in Philadelphia instead of familiar Atlanta. When did his power manifest? I really liked it, like everything else Ilona Andrews writes.

This review was posted at Under the Covers Well the first thing that made me want to read this book was the cover. Too many xppeal dumps. Harry Dresden is called by a Bigfoot to help with his son’s problem.


Hex Appeal by Ilona Andrews | Writerspace

I was left wondering one thing, what really happened to the son? Master of Procrastination “No, I’m ranting for fun, because I’m a disagreeable bitch! I skimmed a little. It really took me by surprise. Only Edgers like Rose can easily travel from one world to the next, but they never truly belong in either.

Great story about a witch and the man she loves. Adam and his partner, Sir 4 stars: A true average of andresw individual star ratings would lend itself to a four star overall rating for this anthology. Holly is a resurrection witch, and yes that means she can resurrect the dead.

He didn’t love this poor woman at all. This is a series I will most definitely not read anymore. She is also in love with a guy she has never seen, except in her adnrews where he appears regularly and keeps getting killed in different fashions.

It was a dark and stormy knight, and nine dark defenders embarked upon a most perilous quest. Adam is a much iloja character than Saimon, in what I consider to be a good way. Caine is now on my list of authors to check out.

Hex Appeal

Any other cousins running around? Ioona all 5 comments. People who bought yex also bought Unfortunately, many of these made poor short stories for the simple reason that they had to expound huge amounts of backstory for you to understand the world, or they didn’t and you then didn’t understand what was going on. A Questionable Client 1. This was a really fun story to read and it’s definitely made me even more keen to start the rest of the series.


Very good and original. The male narrators went a little too far into the film noir style for my tastes, and Ms.

Today’s hottest urban fantasy authors come together in this delicious brew that crackles and boils over with tales of powerful witches and dark magic! Hendrix reminded me of Tavia Gilbert’s irritating voice, but with a more refined sense of dramatic speech. But some managed to convey enough of the story where I didn’t feel anything was missing. Rating and review only for Retribution Clause by Ilona Andrews.

Hex Appeal | Urban Fantasy Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I expanded on what I wrote in those status updates for this review. The romance is sweet and hopeful which contrasts nicely with their hunt for a magical serial killer who is resurrecting his victims to kill them again.

It is quite predictable and not too exciting. Your haven’t read anything andrees like it, and you don’t want to miss it. Easily my favorite story in the anthology.