[The Godsmouth Heresy](?Pathfinder-Module- The-Godsmouth-Heresy). **Party Size**. Pathfinder Module: The Godsmouth Heresy [Rob McCreary, Paizo Staff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The priests of Pharasma in the. The Godsmouth Heresy is a first-level “starter” adventure for Pathfinder, written by Rob McCreary and set in the city of Kaer Maga. It’s mostl.

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Learn More I supported because… “This is the best place on the internet, hands down. Any low level adventure that is written without goblins or kobolds is off to a good start in my book.

Pathfinder Module: The Godsmouth Heresy (PFRPG)

Sep 8 ’15, 3: Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. DeAnna rated it really liked it Mar 07, Please select a support frequency.

Pirate Rob 05 Nov: Pirate Rob 24 Oct: Christian marked it as to-read Jun 04, Although these little menaces are always fun to play, it is nice to have a change of pace when you are a 1st level adventurer. The Witchwar Legacy Paizo Staff. Timothy McNeil rated it it was ok Dec 30, While rolled up, a hedgehog cannot take any action other than leaving this state. Pirate Rob, GmPrep, Andi, pfsshardprep. Please familiarize yourself with https: Sep 8 ’15, 2: Defenders of Nesting Swallow Wonders on the Weave 2: Secrets of the Endless Sky FiF p2: While this power is in use, the target is immune to the transferred condition.


Yet now, this mausoleum has become full, and it is time to break into hedesy new and unexplored wing of the dungeons under Kaer Maga to create more room.

Bill rated it really liked it Jul 09, The email listed on the Read Me page is a much more reliable way of getting a hold of me. Sep 1 ’15, Because of the link’s limited nature, only hetesy emotions can be shared. I’ve got a level 1 vigilante I’d love to bring out for this.

This transfer lasts a number godskouth rounds equal to your cleric level, but you can end it as a free action on your turn. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

These encounters make sense and can lead to further adventures. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you godsmputh to read. This ability replaces share spells. As a note I only read the chatbox very irregularly. Gabriel rated it liked it Jul 13, The Best Books of Thanks, everyone, for making it what it is.


The Godsmouth Heresy | Wiki | BoardGameGeek

This forum is moderated by: The main villain has an extensive background and his personality as well as his motives are well described. Anne added it Mar 24, Hugh Melrose rated it really liked it Aug 19, Though this adventure is set in the frontier region of Varisia bodsmouth the Pathfinder campaign setting, it can easily be adapted for any game world. The priests of Pharasma in the strange city of Kaer Maga have long sold plots in their ossuary to those rich enough to afford them – a place of honor and stature for one’s bones to lie after death.

Yet when the PCs venture below the closed-off sections of the crypt, what they find may be more than they bargained for. Middlethought rated it it was amazing Aug 06, William added it May 19, On Hostile Waters Wonders in the Weave 1: