Gildas (Breton: Gweltaz; c. – c. ) — also known as Gildas the Wise or Gildas Sapiens — was a 6th-century British monk best known for his scathing. Gildas’. ‘On the Ruin of Britain’. Translated by J. A. Giles and T. Habington. For convenience, this text has been composed into this PDF document by. Camelot. The Preface, History and Epistle of Gildas’ principal work, De Excidio Britanniae, a sermon in three parts condemning the acts of his contemporaries, both.

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The usual date that has been gilda for the composition of the work is some time in the s, but it is now regarded as quite possibly earlier, in the first quarter of the sixth century, or even before that. Others, overcome by hunger, came and yielded themselves to the enemies, to be their slaves for ever, if they were not instantly slain, which was equivalent to the highest service.


Nau had 24 sons, all victorious warriors. May his goods fail to his children. Behold it is I. Why, then, is the wound of the daughter of my people not closed?

The iniquity of the house of Israel and of Judah hath grown exceeding great, because the land is full of many peoples and the city is full brktain iniquity and uncleanness. What joy thy salvation, if secured, had furnished to the gracious Father and God of all saints, had not the wretched father of all the lost, like an eagle of mighty wings and clawsthe devil, I meanagainst every right, snatched thee away to the unhappy troop of his children!

Huail’s enmity with Arthur was also apparently a popular subject in medieval Britain: Shall the snow of Lebanon fail from the rock of the field?

Wikiquote has quotations related to: The treacherous dealers have dealt treacherously, and with the treachery of transgressors have they dealt treacherously. Wherefore the law is demolished and judgment is not brought to an end, because the ungodly pn might trampleth down the righteous.

In this assault, which might be compared to the Assyrian attack upon Iudaea of old, there is fulfilled in us also, according to the account, that which the prophet in his lament says: Arthur soon arrived to besiege him, but, the peacemaking saint persuaded Melvas to release Guinevere and the two kings made peace.


De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae – Wikipedia

Woe unto the wicked for evil, for the reward of his hands shall be unto him. But although this one example, with its impregnable confirmation, should be fully sufficient to amend the wicked, nevertheless, in order that in the mouth of many witnesses the whole wickedness of Britain may be established, let us pass on to the rest.

Others repaired to parts beyond the sea, 37 with strong lamentation, as if, instead of the oarsman’s call, singing thus beneath the swelling sails:. But they were not corrected even by this pestilence, so that the word of Isaiah the prophet was fulfilled in them: Holy Malachy the prophet also says: Why art thou confounded, thou murderer of thine own soul?

But lest, as in the case of the aforementioned Ahab, ot lying spirit, speaking vain things in the mouth of your prophets, seduce you from hearkening to the words of the glldas Micah, behold God hath allowed a lying spirit to be in the mouth of all thy prophets that are here, and the Lord hath spoken evil against thee.

For mercy is granted to the mean, but mighty men shall mightily suffer torments.

Gildas – Wikipedia

Their works are unprofitable, and the work of inquity is in their hands. Thus saith the Lord, For three iniquities of Israel and for four I will not turn them aside, because they have betrayed the righteous for money and the needy for shoes, which tread upon the dust of the earth, and with cuffs have they struck the heads of the poor, and have shunned the way of the humble.

The righteousness of the righteous shall be upon himself. Wash ye, be ye clean; put away, the evil of your thoughts from before mine eyes; cease from perverse doing; learn to brirain good; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless. If your sins be as scarlet, they shall be made white as snow; and if they be red like a worm, they shall be white as wool. It is a sermon in three parts gidas the acts of Gildas’ contemporaries, both secular and religious, whom he gilfas for the dire state of affairs in sub-Roman Britain.

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These passages and many others I regarded as, in a way, a mirror of our life, in the Scriptures of the Old Testament, and then I turned to the Scriptures gildxs the New; there I read things that previously had perhaps been dark to me, in clearer light, because the shadow passed away, and the truth shone more steadily.

As lambs by butchers, so the unhappy citizens are torn in pieces by the enemy, insomuch that their life might be compared to that of wild animals.

He is thought to have made a pilgrimage to Rome before emigrating to Brittany, where he took on the life of britaij hermit. They slay everything, and whatever they meet with they cut it down like a ripe crop, trample under foot and walk through. The earth shall quake and the foundations of the sea move like waves from the deep.

The text of Gildas founded on Gale’s edition collated with two other manuscripts, with elaborate introductions, is included in the Monumenta Historica Britannica.

In this way were all the settlements brought low with the frequent shocks of the battering rams; the inhabitants, along with the bishops of the church, both priests and people, whilst swords gleamed on every side and flames crackled, were together mown down to the ground, and, sad sight! Those who were ready, entered with him to the marriage feast, then came also the other virgins saying, Th, Lord, open unto us; to whom the answer was made, I know you not.

Some 36 of the wretched remnant were consequently captured on 59 the mountains and killed in heaps.