Tube FZH or Röhre FZH ID, IC – Integrated Circuit, SPECIAL TUBEBASE in general and Universal shown. Radio tubes are valves. Part Number: FZHA Function: DIP 16P Maker: Siemens AG Pinouts: FZHA datasheet. Description: Datasheet PDF Download. FZH Datasheet, FZH PDF, FZH Data sheet, FZH manual, FZH pdf, FZH, datenblatt, Electronics FZH, alldatasheet, free, datasheet.

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The oscillator which is separated from the mixer is also apted excellently for short waves.

Datasheet archive on 17-10-2006

If pin 13 is grounded, both the field-strength- and the detunmg-dependent squelch are switched off. The size of the resistor is decisive for the diode current.

The actual value can only be measured at transition from D, to D 2. Each stage can be selected with very low current. dataasheet

Figure 5, therefore, shows, as example of a typical application, a circuit for the selection of 8 channels in a TV sets. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Datasheet archive on 13-1-2011

At a channel change, the capacitor which operates as a load on pin 11 is reversely charged with a current of approx. When switching voltage applied the emitter follower, BCon the output is blocked and the buffer stage, BCis switched on. They are outstanding by reason their large common- mode voltage range and short circuit protection.

Each channel may, with the pre-selection switches, be assigned to all transmitting bands. If required, the circuits can be supplied in selected groups of dc-shift. Four output signals are available which have the following meanings: With increasing voltage difference, the passage becomes more abrupt. Thereby are resulting par- ticularly few harmonic mixing products and whistling points. The application The described Integrated Circuits can be used in all cases where a channel selection 1-outof-n shall be carried out.


The current source CG serves as operating resistance for the amplifiers of all stages, even for those of further components. The relationship between the control voltage and the reference voltage can be determined simply by choosing identical voltage dividers at pins 7, 6, and 3. Ring scales are obtained by a circular ar- rangement of the diodes. The low input current of this amplifier is particulary advantageous in measurement- and servo system applications.

The diodes D 16 or D 17 light permanently, when the reciprocal absolute ratings are exceeded. For any additional setting: The pins may be bent up to a minimum distance of 1. A resistance of 6. The arrays are well suited to switch and amplify applications till 10 MHz. Input voltages beyond the selected display range cannot be determined.

(PDF) FZH Datasheet PDF Download – FZ Series

In addition, these circuits contain a voltage stabili- zation and are especially well suited for an application in proximity switches, light beam- and other contactless switching fh111.

An internal ring counter allows con- tinued switching from channel to channel. In order to render the lighting of the diodes dependent on the ambient brightness, it is also possible to connect a phototransistor parallel to the resistor R 7. Solitary digital circuit T: The relationship between the control voltage and the reference voltage can be determined simply by choosing identical fzh1111 dividers at pins 11,12 and The frequency response can be adjusted by external circuits.


Any kind of ad- justment, as for instance to 18 V, is enabled by suitable voltage dividers. These are exceptionally well suited for industrial applications such as servo-systems, analog computers, measuring equipment etc. The leads should be clipped before soldering. Daehan Building, 8th floor, 75, Susomun-dong, Chung-ku C. Between pins 10 and 14 ground and between pins 12 and 14, a resistance of at least Q may be connected to increase the currents and therefore the conversion transconductance.

The colour sync signal is not influenced by con- trast and saturation adjustment; it remains stable by means of the control voltage of TDA The amplifier has class-B push-pull output and is furnished in single-in-line package.

FZH Datasheet PDF ( Pinout ) – FZ Series

When using the displays in measuring equipment, multicoloured luminescence diodes are offering as range limitation. The internal voltage stabilization offers the following advantages: Also, each channel follows an identical lay-out to ensure equal frequenc behaviour of the three channels. Because of its low current consumption and of its internal fzg111 the TCA is perfectly suited for battery operated portables, car and home radios either.

Figure 2 shows the possibility of fzh1111 this resistance adjustable by means of a phototransistor BP in order to adapt the light intensity to changing ambient brightness.