Jan 4, Learn the basics of using MATLAB and FreeMat. Introduction to FreeMat Dr. Mohammad Tawfik @ Introduction. Jul 25, Contents. 1 FreeMat Documentation. 1. 2 Array Generation and Manipulations. 3. ARRAYFUN Apply a Function To Elements of an Array. Jul 8, Freemat plotting is very easy. Its just like plot(x,y) and it will plot it. There are some attribute you can add to this plot like 1. Plot it like line or.

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Tutorials and Documentations This page lists some tutorials about Scilab in many application domains.

Do not hesitate to add a link to your own documents. The blue cells indicate the tutorials or documents made by the Scilab team.

Contents Tutorials and Documentations English: Cours de Scilab par Schaub French: Quelques exemples de Travaux Pratiques en Scilab par G.


Samaras English Performance In Scilab Cours de Scilab par Schaub D.

PDF-4 Un premier exemple: Flocon de Von Koch French: Tutorials last edited Scilab for very beginners 33 pages PDF. Xcos for very beginners 15 pages PDF. Scilab – Lectures videos.

Introduction to Scilab 5. A simple finite element solver for thermo-mechanical problems PDF.

The Baum-Welch algorithm for hidden Markov Models: Scientific computation software revisited HTML. A computational evaluation of some free mathematical software for scientific computing HTML.

Comparison of numerical analysis software HTML. Comparison of mathematical programs for data analysis 64 pages PDF. An Analysis of Scientific Computing Environments: Principales fonctions de Scilab PDF.

FreeMat, Octave, MatLab, and SciLab Free Tutorials

Xcos for very beginners PDF. Scilab for very beginners PDF.

Introduction to Scilab PDF. Introduction to Scilab on line version.