A Step by Step Guide. To create an eCATT you must first create the Test Script. After the test script you will create a Test. Configuration. In many. eCATT is available from Release of the SAP Web Application Server, and is an In this weblog I will be going a step further and explain the creation of Test. From administrative point of view, system should be allowed with eCATT and CATT allowed option activated in Executing SECATT – A step by Step guide.

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Hello, I noticed your blog deals with most SAP aspects and it really helps!

Importing Arguments From an eCATT Script into a Visual Test

ExpertPlug gathers all SAP jobs worldwide: We recently published some interesting statistics on the worldwide SAP job market trends that you might be interested in: Each test that was executed on eCATT will generate a detailed log on test process and results.

If the testing is successful without any errors log we can say that the business scenario mapped in SAP is correct. If the test results shows error then the problem can be analyzed using the error log that is generated bg the system. Click Create or F5 and the following screen will be displayed.

Sap ecatt step by step guide | mbajcff | Scoop

An Insert Statement dialog box appears. System will start Record the function that you are attempting to perform i. Select the material views, organizational elements as ste and follow the views of the material master. After creating material master system will be syep to the eCATT and prompt the alert box with message. You will see following screen. Now double-click on the interface. By using split screen now you can navigate through various screens you are recorded and replace the fixed values with variables.


T his is done by opening the Dynpro menu and going through each numbered screen to review your input.

You must change it to a value as shown in the next screen. The default parameter will be Local. You can change this to Import and click on the ” Yes” button.

The screen will now look like the following screen. This icon indicates a variable is present. Now you can change the all the variables in same process. In this Example I have given same name as Test Script. Give Test Configuration a Name and Component and then click on the c onfiguration tab to see the following screen.

Enter the name of the Test Script you would like to execute. You will be prompted with a window “save as” dialog box. Accept the default name and directory and click save, here file will be saved in text format ex: After click on SAVE system will prompt the following alert box. This appears since we did not create a Test Container.

Click on dcatt YES icon and you can see the message at the bottom of the screen “variants successfully downloaded”. Now click on the Variants tab and you should see the following screen. We must now set the default mode for each time the Test Configuration is executed. Now click on the drop-down sgep the File and choose the variant file you just created in the previous step. Your screen should look similar to the one shown below: Now click on the SAVE icon and save as a local object or place into a development class package so that it can be transported.


Convert the same Excel file to text file to upload during the execution. If you upload it in.

You can see the below screen. You can choose your Error behavior. Click on the Variants tab and validate the mode and file path are correct. Click on the UI control and specify whether you would like to execute in the foreground or background.

The test configuration will normally default to the background. As with the Syep the foreground method of execution is very helpful when trying to troubleshoot errors in the test script. Then click execute and you are done.

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