This page provides Java code examples for vor. The examples are extracted from open source Java projects. This page provides Java code examples for vor. The examples are extracted from open source Java projects from GitHub. PrintStatus status = new PrintStatus();. /*Create the DocFlavor for GIF */. DocFlavor flavor = ;. /* Create an attribute set comprising.

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The bytes are encoded in the character set specified by the doc flavor’s MIME type. The value returned from method is valid only for the VM which returns it, for use in a DocFlavor. The character pair carriage return-line feed CR-LF docflavof “go to column 1 of the next line. In fact, a developer using this class should never assume that a particular print service supports the document types corresponding to these pre-defined doc flavors.

Character array char[] — The print data consists of the Unicde characters in the array. This MIME type is just a placeholder; what’s important is the print data representation class.

Furthermore, every Java Print Service instance must fulfill these requirements for processing plain text print data: In a distributed environment there is no gurantee that two VM’s share the same default encoding.

Constructs a new doc flavor object from the given MIME type and representation class name. Specifically, the following doc flavors are recommended to be supported: Use is subject to license terms.

Specifying Document Types

Interface Doc provides two utility operations, getReaderForText and getStreamForBytesto help a Doc docfalvor client extract client formatted print data. When the representation class is a URL, the print service itself accesses and downloads the document directly from its URL address, without involving the client. Quote characters surrounding parameter values are removed.

I am using HP Deskjet F printer for this. Design Rationale Class DocFlavor in package javax.


How to set DocFlavor for printservice in Java for WIndows – Stack Overflow

InputStream” Renderable image objects. Sign up using Email and Password. Printable object — The client supplies an object that implements interface Printable. Determines if this doc flavor object is equal to the given object. That xocflavor contains more detailed, developer-targeted descriptions, with conceptual overviews, definitions of terms, workarounds, and working code examples.

Thus, when spooling a file in local encoding to a Java Print Service it is important to correctly specify the encoding. Also note that this is different forr the behaviour of the Java doclfavor when interpreting a stream of bytes as text data.

For example the client may have a JPEG encoded image, a URL for HTML code, or a disk file containing plain text in some encoding, possibly obtained from an external source, and requires a way to describe the data format to the print service.

Class DocFlavor’s serialized representation also contains the fully-qualified class name of the representation class a String objectrather than the representation class itself a Class object. I have to set the value of docflavor to print the. It would be nice to see the same output on Linux.

Quoting backslash characters inside parameter values are docflafor. Pre-defined Doc Flavors A Java Print Service instance is not required to support the following print data formats and print data representation classes. The media type, media subtype, and parameters are retained, but all comments and whitespace characters docflavoor discarded.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Mime types may include parameters which are usually optional. The fpr type, media subtype, and parameter names are converted to lowercase. This means you should not use a URL print data flavor to print a document at a restricted URL that the client can see but the printer cannot see.

For client formatted print data, the print data representation class is docflavot one of the following although docfkavor representation classes are permitted: Tables 1, 2, 3, and 4 identify which attributes are supported by the iSeries JPS implementation.


Byte array byte[] — The print data consists of the bytes in the array. In addition to these attributes, some iSeries system-specific attributes will be implemented for all DocFlavors:. Sign up using Facebook. After an application locates a print service that can handle a specific document data format and the desired attributes, it creates a print job from the selected print service using the createPrintJob method of the print-service object.

_STREAM (Java Platform SE 7 )

DataFlavor does not guarantee that equivalent data flavors will have the same serialized representation. Pageable object — The client supplies an object that implements interface Pageable. That assumes the default encoding for the user’s locale. An instance of a representation class is used to define this information and referenced within a DocFlavor object via static inner classes.

For service formatted print data, the print data representation class is typically one of the following although other representation classes are permitted.

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Thus, two doc flavors with MIME types that are not identical but that are equivalent that have the same canonical form may be considered equal. However, developers who have print services that support these doc flavors are encouraged to refer to the predefined singleton instances created here. The doc flavor’s MIME type is one of the standard media types telling how to interpret the sequence of characters or bytes.

Specifically, the following doc flavor is recommended to be supported: