This section provides additional technical specifications on DIN /1 keyways to learn more about the components in the Elesa Catalogue. DIN Technical Specifications. DIN DIN Parallel key – product drawing – d1=length,. b h9, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 32, 36 . Page | Screws and Nuts, Washers, Lifting accessories. 1. 2. 3 b h9 h. Length l Keys DIN are only in packing units of 50 pieces for each size and length available. see also • Keyway type in the bore and the shaft → Page

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The parallel key forms A to J as well as the parallel key size, including 685 lengths, can be selected. I consent to the processing of my personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Press the Enter key or move to the next input field to complete the input.

Bright steel according to DIN Special cases may occur due to starting impacts, short-circuit torques, emergency breaking torques, abrupt blockings etc. This item has been successfully added to your list.

The joint pressure, that is reduced due to the parallel key in comparison to the hole without keyway, is considered by the factor. In practice, not more than two parallel keys are used because of the load distribution that is difficult to determine. Guidelines for the correct application of plastic hinges. Automatic leyway of the standard length.

Technical data GN The load direction changing factor considers the influence of the number of load direction changes on the permissible surface pressure.

Always attentive to the market requirements and to technological research and development, also with the cooperation of Universities and Research Institutes, new products and new product lines extend the continuously keyawy range.


DIN :- Key, Hub Keyway, Shaft Keyway Details and Dimensions

Geometry and surface pressure on the parallel key connection The supporting keyway depth between parallel key and shaft as well as hub keyway wall are given by the following equations. Parallel key steel stainless steel example for ordering.

Windows dialog for saving the file In case you do not activate the option in order to save your files locally, then a new window is opened and you can save the calculation to the eAssistant server. If you click on the dimensioning buttons, you get a suggestion for an appropriate input value. The frequency of the load peaks has to be estimated during the entire operating time. In addition, the proof of strength for the shaft is carried out according to the nominal stress concept.

Supporting length for shaft and hub. Guidelines for the correct application of plastic hinges.

Input Values for Parallel Key The parallel key selection according to DIN sheet 1 to 3 makes it easier to choose the required parallel key. You can also select the geometry keeyway size of the parallel key.

Save the calculation Our manual is improved continually. With the maximum load peak torqueoccurring during the entire operation time, it applies: Parallel keys din form a st round heads st import from excel copy the product rows from excel by selecting adjacent columns where the first one.

Dinh7 metric bore and dinjs9 square keyway tolerances page 1 of 4. In order to read a secure pdf, you will need to install the fin plugin on your computer.

DIN 6885-3 :- Key, Hub Keyway, Shaft Keyway Details and Dimensions

For alternating torques with a slow torque increase e. Enter a keyword, a series, a product code In order to do so, please click the calculator button next to the input field of the shaft diameter. Depending onthe factor is determined by using the figures 3, 4 and 5 in DIN It can be determined according to DINfigure 6. For the load peak torque is transmitted by friction. A recalculation occurs after every data input.


It is recommended to use the calculation method B. Din thread runouts and thread undercuts for iso metric threads as in din 1. Calculation method B Please note: Exhibition in the world this month Check the calendar. The factor is dependent upon the kind of load in and output position.

Parallel key types E to J. Automatic dimensioning of the shaft diameter. Types of retaining magnets. Parallel key types E to J The supporting length for the different types of parallel keys is calculated as follows: Technical data and guidelines for the choice. For parallel keys whose parts are made of metallic materials Geometry and parallel key lengths according to DIN DIN has to be considered for the shaft strength, hub design and hub wall thickness must also be considered Mainly for parallel keys used in mechanical engineering for the temperature range of C to C A parallel key is a positive shaft-hub-connection.

Number of parallel keys For an inversion of the torque direction, method C cannot be used. Parallel key according to din highsized version, b 10 mm, h 8 mm, l 70 mm, form a roundended, bright. A check of the maximum surface pressure is not necessary according to DIN The quick info Warnings for an effective protection of the Reed switches.

Supporting length and number of parallel key.