CCR > CURTEA CONSTITUȚIONALĂ > Bază legală > Constituţia României, republicată (). Constitutional court. Legal basis. The Constitution of Romania. În ziua de 21 august , Plenul Curţii Constituţionale, învestit în temeiul art lit.i) din Constituţia României şi al art din Legea. Title: Constitutia Romaniei – Funky Citizens, Author: Cosmin Pojoranu, Name: Constitutia Romaniei – Funky Citizens, Length: pages, Page: , Published: Cover of “Yash Ghai Constitution Commission – Draft Constitution”.

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Dar Ponta nu-i prost. After the extension of national territory ina new constitution was approved 29 March Asta nu avea voie sa se intample. Cu alte cuvinte, dl.

Decizia CCR privind referendumul – comunicatul oficial al Curţii Constituţionale

The Constitution enshrined the return to democracy after the fall of the Communist regime. Likewise, it shall be incompatible with the exercise of any office of professional representation paid on the roll of business organizations. Role of the President 1 The President of Romania shall represent the Romanian State and safeguard the independence of the nation, the unity and territorial integrity of the country. Se pare ca Parlamentul va lua decizia finala, decizia de urmat!!!

Cele ŞAPTE MOTIVE ALE SUSPENDĂRII preşedintelui TRAIAN BĂSESCU. Ce conţine documentul USL

Nu ar fi mai simplu sa arestati judecatorii CCR? In exceptional cases only, the President may submit his decision to Parliament for subsequent approval, but no later than 5 days after such decision constituutia been made. Sigur ca nu e corect, dar ce spuneti dv e corect? Care 7,4 milioane de voturi? Si sunt si eroii mei.: TU esti un nimic plin de dejectii, disperat sa arunci cu ele si dupa altii.


Constitution of Romania

The constitution was amended once by a referendum on 18 October Fiecare stat al federatiei are dreptul ocnstitutia un nr. Ca faceti pentru noi cei care ne vedem de treaba zi de zi?? Protection of Disabled Persons Article 50 Persons with disabilities enjoy special protection. Interim of Office 1 If the Presidential office falls vacant, or the President is suspended from office or temporarily unable to exercise his powers, the interim shall devolve, in this order, on the President of the Senate or the President of the Chamber of Deputies.

Such reports may contain recommendations on legislation or any other measures for the protection of the citizens’ rights and freedoms. It stands as constitytia basis of the legitimacy of the Romanian government.

Nu te urmaresc, desi as fi curios sa stiu cum arata un neo-comunist, un drogat de latrine ,un spalat pe creier, unul care repeta ceea ce ii spune televizorul! Sau culmea prostiei cum e? Restriction on the Exercise of Certain Rights or Freedoms Article 53 1 The exercise of certain rights constiitutia freedoms may solely be restricted by law, and only if necessary, as the case may be: Length consfitutia Office Article 63 1 The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate are elected for a term of office of 4 years, and such will extend as of right in the event of mobilization, war, siege, or emergency, until the event has come to an end.

Mie ormaniei se parea anormal sa nu se sesizeze nimeni.

Constitution of Romania – Wikipedia

Official Language Article 13 Romanian is the official language in Romania. Inheritance Right Article 46 The right of inheritance is guaranteed. Integration into the European Union 1 Romania’s accession to the founding Treaties of the European Union, for purposes of transferring certain powers into the hands of community institutions, as well as for exercising in common with the other Member States the competencies stipulated in such Treaties, shall be under a law adopted in a joint session of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, by a majority of two-thirds of the number of Deputies and Senators.


The opposition [5] and NGOs [6] alleged serious irregularities. Azi reinvie Piata Universitatii: Intr-un interviu spunea, intrebat fiind ce se intampla cu cele 7,4 milioane voturi pentru demitere: Mai usor cu catalogarile.

Where a legislative initiative may implicate the amendment of provisions in the State budget or the State social security budget, it shall be compulsory to request such information.

Si atunci de ce manci cacao cu lapte? Hai sa gandim putin! Si va fi data in miez de noapte.

Majoritatea si minoritatea se stabileste dintre cei care au votat! Role of the Public Ministry 1 Within judicial activities, the Public Ministry shall represent the general interests of society and it shall defend the legal order, as well as the citizens’ rights and freedoms. The Right cpnstitutia Vote Article 36 1 Every citizen who has attained the age of 18 years up to or on the elections day has the right to vote.

Membership of the Standing Bureau may be withdrawn before expiration of the term tomaniei office.