Master Chu Shong Tin was born in in the Kwong-tung Province of Mainland China. In November , he left China and settled in Hong Kong. During. This is Master Chu Song Tin’s last book. It comes in two volumes, and this is the first (published in ). The second was published in The book covers. Great Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin (Sigung Chu) was a closed door student of the legendary Yip Man who took Wing Chun Kung Fu to Hong Kong in

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The Alumni, established in form of a limited company, is a non-profit organization jointly-run by the Grandmaster’s senior students. Therefore I decided to drop all my thoughts and simply practiced Siu Nim Tau whenever I could, day and night.

He continued to train Sifu Jim when he returned to Hong Kong during his years as a student in Australia and later. Springan outing of Grandmaster Ip Man with his students.

About Chu Shong Tin

Like every beginner in class, I started my journey with Siu Nim Taueven though I had already familiarized myself with the form as an observer. In later years Ip planned to retire, freeing himself from laborious routines. After a long time, I began to see the connection between lop nim and the form.

In essence, Siu Nim Tau has two major points: None of his students, including those who had followed him most closely in the past decades, dared to say he or she had grasped any depth or breadth. Siu Nim Tau training should never be tiring. There is a handle, like an ear, for easy grabbing by the elderly using it for urinating at nights. The springy force on the feet that help the person land safely is a direct result of relax muscles and nim lik.


Chu Shong Tin | International Wing Chun Academy

Learn the insights, history, training methods cju inspiration from the greatest proponents and supporters of Wing Chun. A wheel can accelerate faster than objects of other shapes e.

Grandmaster Ip Man is the second from the left of the front row; the first from the right of the back row is Master Chu Shong Tin. To be proficient in ehong foundation, all movements should be done with the mind rather than strength. These three techniques take the shape of arcs or bows. Sigung Chu remembers Sifu Jim as a smart, dedicated student whose skill improved rapidly.

He did have a habit, though, the habit that I mostly hesitated to accompany him to enjoy: In another instance, someone was spouting off about things, not respecting the hcu present. Indeed, it is a very aggressive and penetrating technique due to its circular nature. Everyone should have this kind of power. From then on I lived together with Ip for as long as five years.


Many of his disciples have also established their own teaching careers. However, this explanation lacks an shng of Bong Sau. There we sat down to rest for about half an hour before returning.

He stopped his teaching works and did not take in students publicly. The time table of our website have update problem. Although I liked exercising — for enhancing bodily strength and health — I was not particularly fond of martial arts. His luck was not bad and he usually won a prize.

About Chu Shong Tin | 徐尚田詠春同學會 Chu Shong Tin Ving Tsun Alumni

Ip was both solemn and shont — characteristics admired by me. For any enquiry, please call It took me little effort to completely learn the basic movements.

The mind can stay focused even when the structure is adjusting or moving at high speed. In the late s, he began to teach privately, setting up his own school in Kowloon in Lok Yiu in Cantonesemy two seniors in Wing Chun learning, also substantiated by my growing knowledge in Wing Chun, I at last devoted myself to becoming a formal disciple of Ip. Ip was dedicated to teaching Wing Chun for more than 20 years.