They announced this sect in Hempher is a British missionary who was assigned the task of carrying on espionage activities in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Hidjaz and. [Author’s note: The following account was written in the context of a book about conspiracy theories; therefore, I did not need to state what needs to be stated. The British accomplished this through a British spy named Hempher. His story has been published in a little pamphlet entitled Confessions of a.

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He did not command the killing of Huseyn. I knew that I occupied an exceptional place in his heart now. In his memoirs, Hempher details the weak points of the Muslim world, and along with exposing tensions between Sunnis and Shiites, he also explained the formation of a new movement which later became known as Wahhabism.

For we have done whatever is necessary and sown the seeds. An example of a contemporary reference to the book or at least to the theory that Wahhabism is a British conspiracy, is Ayatollah Hussein-Ali Montazeri ‘s denunciation of Wahhabis as “a bunch of British agents from Najd. Arvydas rated it really liked it Nov 03, It was like the superstitious doctrine, “Jesus Christ will come back and fill the world with justice,” held by our Christians.

ยป Anti-Wahhabism: a footnote Middle East Strategy at Harvard

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Ministry is considering increasing this number to one hundred thousand. We must open centers of propaganda and publication under such names as churches, schools, hospitals, libraries and charity institutions in the Islamic countries and spread them far and near. Return to Book Page.


According to Hempher, he is one of 5, British agents with the assignment of yempher Muslims, which the British government plans to increase toby the end of the 18th century.

Mix Sayyeds with other people by making non-Sayyeds wear black and green turbans. The terms he stipulated are: Miqdad Hussain marked it as to-read Jan 29, All materials by Daniel Pipes on this site: Naturally, if you were furnished with all the information possessed by a particular person, you would be able to think like him and to make the decisions he would make. Translate the Qur’aan into other languages such as Turkish, Persian, Indian, thus to prevent Arabic from being learned and read outside Arabic countries, and again, prevent the Ad-haanNamaazand Duaa from being done in Arabic outside Arabic countries.

In addition, this man spoke Persian. After becoming well again I left for Xpy.

Confessions of a British Spy

Alfred Norin marked it as to-read May hsmpher, They spread mischief everywhere. The State and the people viewed each other with suspicion. Enemy attack was likely any moment. They executed our plan precisely.

Now I approached his copy and said, “Dear teacher, would it be permissible for us to wage war against the government because it is Sunnee and fanatical? Bindha marked it as hempehr Jul 01, I joined their circles of religious instruction. But he also found them “sound asleep” and unwilling to revolt against the authorities in Istanbul.

Confessions of a British Spy by Mr. Hempher

Keri Mac marked it as to-read Jul 09, It was surrounded with graceful orchards and briitsh brooks. A principality would be established in his country, be it a btitish one. Once I was informed that the enemies were to kill him.


It advised the following steps for popularizing their vulnerable spots: We shall invent four different religions in the Shiite countries: It would be worth while if you spent all your time indoctrinating him,” he said.

A tremendous army of people of this sort is on requisition for the realization of this goal. Everything goes well now. People should be prevented from visiting those places, the number of preachers should be decreased and taxes should be levied on preachers and owners of the places for mourning. The city of Koofa, which was hepher distance of one fersah leaguei.

Memoirs of Mr. Hempher: Confessions of a British spy

Unfortunately, no one would even listen to me. They said that the Sunnites were disbelievers.

Some events heralded the end of the Ottoman Empire. They declined as their adherence to Islam deteriorated]. Its copies are incongruous. Throughout my illness I stayed in an underground room. Thus we continuously became more hekpher more powerful. A couple of years later the Ministry of Commonwealth managed to cajole Muhammad bin Su’ood, the Ameer of Der’iyya, into joining our lines. Then we ask them and they answer us.