A barrel reclaimer has a drum member with axially extending series of openings provided with buckets for taking material from a stockpile. Bridge-type bucket wheel reclaimers and drum reclaimers. High-performance and robust systems are needed for the high performance handling and blending of. Barrel Reclaimer for Base mix. TRF’s Barrel Reclaimers are operation at major steel plants in India. The reclaim capacity of TRF Barrel Reclaimer is. TPH.

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In this project the reclaimer is working on two garrel stockpiles and it can be moved between with a transfer car. Boom type Bucket Wheel Reclaimer in Brazil. It has an automatic GPS positioning system.

Up to buckets can be arranged in 6 to 8 parallel rows with these symmetrical buckets swiveling automatically in the pre-selected working direction. Preferably, the tapered sides of the or each auxiliary opening are substantially coincident with lines which are tangential to the adjacent end opening of the associated series of openings. It is of course possible to provide single-sided buckets if the reclaimer is to operate in only one direction of rotation.

Barrel reclaimers – Strachan & Henshaw Limited

Low maintenance due to minimum working parts Durable and dependable Maximum possible homogeneity of material properties and particle size distribution in the resultant blend Better blending. Bridge type Bucket Wheel Reclaimer in Russia. Rakes are equipped with prongs or scraper rods, depending on particle size of material to be reclaimed, and create a continuous flow of material on the escarpment of the pile over the entire width directly into the reclaiming buckets.

The shell is reinforced by box-section stiffening rings 6 at intervals along its interior wall. It can operate in fully automated mode or in remote mode. Machines employing two reflaimer trolleys are able to achieve a higher reclamation rate, whilst also achieving greater homogenization at lower flow rate bartel.

Drum reclaimers are particularly suited to the homogenization and blending of bulk material for sophisticated downstream processes, especially for iron ore or coal processing. This reclaimer is for use in extreme climatic conditions with very low temperatures.


When installing two bucket-wheel trolleys, the trolleys can be mechanically linked so that they both share a common trolley drive system.

Barrel reclaimer – Metso

Thus, the five central circumferential rows have six openings at equal angular intervals and the number of openings in each row then decreases towards the drum ends, there being only one opening at each end circumferential position. This barrel is fitted with a large number of reclaiming buckets arranged along its length and around it circumference, which pick up the material that has been fed to the base of the pile by means of a harrow which traverses across the pile face.

Barrel reclaimers continuously recover material from the full cross section of the stockpile and consequently achieve the maximum possible homogeneity of material properties and particle size distribution in the resultant blend.

This bi-directional reclaimer is equipped with two bucket wheels. To check the reclaimed material flow a radar system is used. A number of further recllaimer are also able to be specified, ranging from the number of mounted bucket-wheel trolleys to the manner in which they are arranged. In the case of parallel pile arrangements, a transfer car is provided, running in a pit across the open end of the stockpiles, to enable the reclaimer to be positioned on any pile.

Despite the generous rounding of the corners of these openings, it has had to be accepted in the past that the openings form starting points for fatigue cracks which can develop after a relatively short period of operation. A number of axial series of openings 8 FIG. The majority of our boom-type bagrel reclaimers are semi-automated; however, there is a growing trend towards full automation and we are able to supply fully automated machines too.

We’re also able to provide bridge bucket-wheel reclaimers for one or two directional reclaiming and all our machines are automated.

Click for automatic bibliography generation. United States Patent Openings in the drum have scoop buckets projecting from them to pick up material from the stockpile as the drum is rotated and progressed along the rails reclzimer the stockpile. Bridge Bucket Wheel-Reclaimers Reclaimer with two separately driven bucket wheel and speed regulated trolley.


With the arrangement illustrated, at some axial stations there will be a non-uniform angular spacing of the bucket openings but this does not recclaimer any significant effect on the performance of the equipment because it is unnecessary for the reclaimer to operate with drum buckets penetrating so deeply into the stockpile that they recoaimer thereby major variations of loading on the individual buckets. This arrangement results in a reduced number of pivot joints.

Bridge-type bucket wheel reclaimers and drum reclaimers

In reclimer with extremely low temperatures, rakes can even be equipped with hardened tines that are able to break frozen surfaces. The frame F is provided with wheeled bogies B, also in a conventional manner, to drive the reclaimer along baerel stockpile. It is a feature of the illustrated construction that the non-uniform axial distribution of the buckets is obtained while arranging the buckets at each angular position in an unbroken, uniformly spaced, axial reclimer.

It also appears that the arrangement of each series of bucket openings as an unbroken row assists this effect further. A semi-automatic control system eases the work for the operator. The length of the auxiliary opening 30 need be no greater than that of the bucket openings 8 and it is a little smaller than the length of the opening 8 in the illustrated example.

Drum Reclaimers Drum reclaimers are particularly suited to the homogenization and blending of bulk material for sophisticated downstream processes, especially for iron ore or coal processing.

We have now found that the fatigue resistance of a barrel reclaimer drum provided with axial series of openings for admitting material into the drum, can be significantly increased by arranging that auxiliary openings of tapered form are provided barrwl the ends of the series of openings.