Keywords: Negotiation, mediation, ADR, teaching, communication, questioning, active listening, cartoons, optical illusions, samurai, Barkai. The following is a PowerPoint presentation about the 36 Chinese Strategies as applied to negotiations that I have used many times. You can find more about. Barkai, John, Cultural Dimension Interests, the Dance of Negotiation, and Weather Forecasting: A Perspective on Cross-Cultural Negotiation.

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The effect is to change bargaining power and leverage, or to change the focus and character of the dispute or the set of gains or opportunities the parties are barksi to decide. If you are evaluating a negotiation in terms of what you can lose, make sure you also consider what you can gain, and vice versa.

There are three verbal varkai. Positions are the “What” that the negotiators want. In2 fact, most negotiations end when the parties think they have the best offer they can get.

On second thought, I’ll settle for a few minutes. Care about learning, ideas, language, and independent projects of their own.

Only conditional and reciprocal concessions The drafter might try to add some unnegotiated terms into the document. Anticipate the other’s power moves. Outside, behind the store, we had a makeshift shooting range. But which way you think of the situation strongly affects your attitude toward the offer. Could you fill me in on what you’re willing to do here? What amount should the agent propose?

Blame contribution What have we each contributed to this situation? It’s always like this kid. Why don’t we start at The interest in creating or preserving a relationship is particularly important when negotiating contracts and resolving business disputes, where the parties see or once saw a benefit in working together and anticipate future transactions.


To prevent this kind of escalation, negotiators must be aware of their tendency to justify past actions and must constantly evaluate the costs and benefits of continuing along the same lines. Get important people to work with you. In studying why negotiations fail, I have built on what other researchers have learned about decision-making in general, concentrating on the biases that can undermine negotiations. First, once negotiators make an initial commitment to a position, Professor John Barkai – Negotiations p.

We can probably do something along those lines. In our studies, negotiators who were simply appropriately confident were consistently more willing to compromise and more successful in negotiations than their overconfident fellows.

“Cultural Dimension Interests, the Dance of Negotiation, and Weather Fo” by John Barkai

Like a fish in water. Have you thought through the consequences?

Please schedule a time for us to meet and figure out how to fit it in to my schedule. Summarization Active Listening Find out what your counterpart wants. Friendly, but often too absorbed in what they are doing to be sociable. Other tactics are considered to be “dirty tricks.

What are you willing to do to resolve this dispute? This has the effect of setting the perceived or apparent bargaining range. The pattern of concessions sends a message.

In any negotiation there must a degree of power and motivation to fill a need on both sides. What are their goals and objectives? Cultivate a healthy relationship. To discover the third negotiatiom, think like a mediator. Able to do almost anything that interests them. In this example, first presented by Mary Follett many years ago, the sisters overlooked an integrative solution to their problem: This rule does not require the exclusion of an apology or other statement that acknowledges or implies fault even though contained in, or part of, any statement or gesture excludable under this rule.


Occasionally, respond with tactics Negotiators should realize that good communication techniques can help them to be successful, and they should pay attention to, and practice good communication techniques.

It is most useful in negotiations where the parties represent outside constituencies that bafkai be manipulated to pressure a recalcitrant party.

Negotiation Handout – University of Hawaii

Exploding Offers Negotiations are like gas — they expand or contract to fill the space or time available. To get this going, I’ll be flexible on this. Present new proposals or demands. His humble and friendly manner put customers at ease.

Giving away too much in the initial stages of the negotiation depletes the reserve of concessions that can be offered later when they may be more appreciated. How am I going to find out the information I need? But when both parties think this way, an escalatory spiral emerges that is very reminiscent of the Vietnam War and other international and industrial failures in which both competitors get trapped by their previous commitments.

Use the time out to uncover your underlying interests, needs and values. We also sold ammunition for both neegotiation weapons and hunting guns. When your opponent says no or launches an attack, you may be stunned into giving in or counterattacking.

It is usually very helpful to frame the issues as questions to be answered rather than statements that are made.