: Kitab Al-Jilwah: Book of Revelation (): Sheik Adi, Isya Other Religions, Practices & Sacred Texts > Demonology & Satanism. Before I decided to make my own blog, I did several entries on a friend’s on various issues I take with the use of the Al Jilwah in Satanism. Unfortunately, two of the links in my first blog entry regarding the Al-Jilwah are not working any more. Thankfully, I saved the information.

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I’m not terribly big on etymology, really what it comes down to is the process of watching my mind take what were once an incomprehensible array of squiggles and begin to make sense of them. Yazidi are even more insular as they claim to be sons of Adam.

The only bad thing about Tehran is the air pollution. Almost every native Persian I’ve encountered male or female is remarkably intelligent, sincere, and friendly in ways that I don’t see enough of here in the US or at least the northeast. Then again, this is the evil that men do. One enters it through a courtyard at its western end.

As per usual your insights are highly appreciated – I don’t know if it is just “me” but this quote right here: The fountain of Zem-Zem, like the Kaaba with its black stone, was holy to the ancient idolatrous Arabs many years before Mecca became the sacred city of Islam. Also, the Sunni vs. Don’t put “Muslim” unless you know enough about the religion to answer friendly questions if they have them.


Satan’s Den

Notify me of new posts via email. Active Topics Past 24 hours Past 48 hours Past 7 days. There’s a certain attraction to “otherness” that would be better suited for a separate thread, but I’m sure you get what I’m driving at. Are you Iranian American, or you simply took the time to study it? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The bases are adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine.

It was a place admirably suited to the weird and dreadful rites which Arab Moslems assured me were conducted there in the worship of Satan – including, they insisted, human sacrifice – but I must admit that there was nothing to offer satanistx slightest intimation that it was currently used for such a purpose. Now I know several Satanists who live in Iran.

What I do find interesting is how events that took place well over 3, years ago and literature that has been written full of fancy and religious musings to this day shape the face of current world events. The Zebu The Zebu satanksts member Registered: It is also a bit shameful that just because some satanists took it for real and sacred text, promoted it, suddenly everyone try to approach it as words of Satan instead using their own minds and do research.

Aljilwah For Satanists ยท Spiritual Satanist

The rungs of the ladder are made up of FOUR compounds, called bases. Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode. Tehran is an great city with lots to see, cool people, and great food and music.

I wonder if they’d get a laugh if I put down “Satanic” and clarified “az ‘bozorge shaitan’ hastm: This is also one of my favorite verses because this means its okay to be gay, lesbian, or bisexual, asexual, trans.


The Al Jilwah; The Black Book of Satan

Of all of the peoples of Iraq, the Kurds are the most affable and the least insane. Some of my favorite lines of Satanic Scriptures are, “I was, am now, and shall have no end. Search Satansits Blog Search for: Switch to Threaded Mode.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I thank you kindly for the link. He summons armies from the earth itself! Your name or email address: I must spend a al-jillwah learning more or understanding more.

What it comes down to is the people – the culture, and this applies to all cultures, which is why I make it a point to travel – see what’s out there. That there is a method to the madness buried deep within the madness all pervasive. August 28, at 9: It also staanists the name of the author of the used text, Isya Joseph, and that said author was one al-ijlwah fiction and poetry.

Our sun only looks gold to orange to us because of the way sunlight looks through Earth’s atmosphere, but the sun ‘s visible light outputs actually peak in the green range. Yes, my password is: When did Satanists begin identifying it as inspired by Satan?