Download This PDF: AC -Cost Center Accounting Advanced Functions. (C) SAP AG AC Cost distribution z Method z Transaction-Based „ Reposting costs Cost Center „ Reposting line iems „ Manual cost allocation z Periodic. Please download this document: AC -Cost Center Accounting Advanced Looking For Self Learning SAP Videos & Materials: Click Here.

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C The transaction predistribution of fixed costs allocates fixed costs in the actual to the receiver orders just as they were planned there as activity inputs in blocks. You can only make changes in activity category 4, or from activity type category 4 to a different category, if you have not yet posted in the planning or actual data of the fiscal year with each activity type.

The actual costs that have been split to the cost center remain there for the second splitting step. Current fiscal year Enter Text: For example, the Execute methods: Planning of secondary costs from activity allocations always requires a sender and a receiver cost center. Predistribution is then executed with separate transactions for certain cost centers or cost center groups, or for the entire controlling area. In the next step, the plan reconciliation adjusts the variable portion of activity-dependent primary costs and variable portion of activity-dependent activity inputs according the new plan activity.

If not, then the system derives this quantity automatically. For illustration purposes, several results are given in the solutions, which you should get if you carry out all the above tasks correctly. MaH – Primary costs – Secondary costs Example: Make sure that no actual or plan costs have been posted for the current fiscal year.


If a cost center provides activities for other cost centers, orders, processes, and so on, then this means that the resources of this cost center are being used.

You can use advanced analysis tools at period-end on quantity allocations: To complete plan closing, you initially reconcile the plan to check for bottlenecks and overcapacity in the enterprise. Fixed plan costs plus variable plan costs, multiplied by the operating rate of the activity type of the cost center.


AC Cost Center Accounting: Advanced Functions AC | 영문 우 –

You have already planned these accrued costs under cost element misc. Summary You are now able to: Interpret the plan costs using the known values go to the next page in the report. Although direct activity output provides a great deal of cost transparency to which an organization can apply proven cost controlling methods to reduce costs, most ca412 have already exhausted most of these options. You assign sal overhead costs to the locations at which they were incurred, or to the activities from which they arose.

Szkolenia SAP

How meaningful is the total variance for your cost center and activity types? See the special case “backflow” in the next slide. Concept and Master Data: This approach normally results in differences between the activity quantity planned by the sender cost centers, and the activity scheduled by the receiver cost centers or production orders.


These quantities are valuated using an sc412 plan price. Customer 40 h Service Plan Credit: Master Data At the conclusion of these exercises, you will be able to: Activity price calculation is the final stage in planning.

They help control activities in cost centers, since the level of use can be measured at cost center level. These default settings will facilitate entering data later. You make this assignment by entering a template in the master data of the cost center. What additional information is provided if the indicator purely iterative is set in the version?

Change the overview layout so that the columns Last changed by, Cycle run group and Last executed on are also displayed. Optional Switching Structure Cost Production: You plan activity quantities manually for activity types in this category. Unit, allowed cost center category Indicator: Actual statistical key figures Statistical key figure: Accurately determine the causes of the variances z Actual cost splitting: Do not set any indicators that are not mentioned in the exercises such as predistribution of fixed costs, actual quantity set, or plan quantity set.

The cycles for the selected allocation are displayed in a structure tree. What caused the changes in the actual prices?