Aastra ip software. Whether your business is looking to move your communications systems to the cloud, to improve your customer experience with a new. Please use the new «Software Download Center» (access via Mitel Bitte benutzen Sie das neue «Software Download Center» (Zugang via Mitel MiAccess). Welcome to the User’s Guide for the softphone Aastra ip for Aastra commu- nications systems. This User’s Guide will assist you with the use of your.

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It can be used everywhere you have a functioning VoIP infrastructure at your disposal. When you have installed the Aastra ip on your laptop you always have your own telephone with all personal settings available regardless of your location.

Telephony and dial pad operating elements 1 Telephony window 2 Display with row of symbols Status display with symbols, current displays on telephone traffic 3 Foxkeys 4 End key Ends a call. Exits input without saving and goes back to the idle state. The Absence key can be configured as a function key or digit key. Opens Activated features or scrolling mouse wheel upwards.

Opens Settings or scrolling mouse wheel downwards. Deactivated microphone is displayed with. Operating and Display Elements 3. Red LED indicates which of the 3 levels is activated.

With that licensed features can be used for a certain period license-free [d]. One Number user concept Your system administrator can set up several terminals for you that hold all the same phone number one number user concept [c].

You have only aastea name and phone number with which to identify yourself to your call partners, regardless of which of the terminals you make your calls. The advantage is that you can always be aasgra under the same phone number, regardless of where you happen to be.

With Personal call routing and Ring Alone you can define where incoming calls shall be routed to see chapter “Personal call routing”, page 46 aastda “Ring Alone”, page Your system administrator can set whether or not you are busy for further incoming calls Busy if busy.

When Busy if busy is activated, calls can still be made with your other terminals.

Call lists and contacts are available on all terminals and are automatically synchronised. An announcement is signalled on all your terminals which support announcement. User information This User s Guide is an integral part of your softphone.

An online version of this documentation is also available to you. You will find the latest version and other documents wastra More information on your terminal can be found in the documentation or your dealer s homepage. aastea

It is your responsibility to inform yourself aastga the scope of functions, operation and proper use of your equipment. Check whether you have all the user information available on your softphone, whether it conforms to your softphone s version and whether it is up to date.

Read through the user information carefully before putting your softphone into operation. Press the F1 key if needed. Store the user information within easy reach and refer to it whenever uncertainties arise in connection with the use of the softphone. Intended Purpose This softphone is part aadtra the Aastra IntelliGate communication system and is intended to be operated on that system.


The software can only be launched if a PBX system, configured accordingly, is detected. Aastra IntelliGate is an open, modular and comprehensive communication system that comprises the IP-PBX referred to in the end-user information as the systema vast number of expansion cards and modules, and a complete series of system terminals including IP system terminals.

The system and all its component parts were designed to cover in full all the telecommunication requirements of companies and organisations with a 2380lp user-friendly solution.

The individual components of the overall system are fully compatible and must not be used for other purposes or replaced by third-party components except when connecting other authorized networks, applications and terminals to the interfaces provided specifically for that purpose. The corresponding text sections are identified by a letter inside square brackets. The Chapter “System and Software-Related Functions”, page 69 indicates which system versions support the relevant features.

Scope of functions Besides the wide variety of additional functions in its capacity as softphone, the scope of functions of Aastra ip basically corresponds to that of a system terminal. Availability The availability of the softphone depends on a functioning PC with power supply, and the availability of the data network and the communication system.

Aastra ip software download

If the softphone is not available, calls are routed to a substitute destination set up by the system administrator. Additional equipment The Aastra ip has been tried and tested with a series 2380lp corded and cordless media devices including Bluetooth equipment. Only use aastta devices expressly recommended by the manufacturer.

Disclaimer This product was manufactured in accordance with ISO quality guidelines. This product and the user information belonging to it have been produced aawtra the utmost care.

The product s functions have been tested and approved after comprehensive 22380ip tests. Nonetheless errors cannot be entirely excluded. The manufacturers shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage that may be caused by incorrect handling, improper use, or any other faulty behaviour on the part of a product.

Potential hazards are mentioned in the relevant places in the user information. Liability for loss of profit shall be excluded in any case. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG. All other trademarks are trademarks of the respective proprietors. During this time you can use and the softphone without limitation. At the end of the trial period ask your system administrator to install the required licences to continue to use the softphone.

To install Aastra ip, you have to have local administrator rights.

The computers on which the Aastra ip is to be operated must be equipped with one or more media devices e. To install theaastra ip make sure your system meets aasrta the following requirements. Please contact your system administrator if you have any further questions.

You can also start Aastra ip manually by double-clicking the program icon on your Zastra. Contact your system administrator for more information. Starting Aastra ip for the first time if not yet set up by your system administrator: The Aastra ip login window opens. If you tick Use low bandwidth for audio, the audio data is more reduced during transfer and the bandwidth needed for the transfer lessened.


Aastra ip ist connected. Starting Aastra ip automatically: In the Settings – General window tick Run application when Windows starts. Aastra ip starts with Windows. The phone window aaastra automatically.

Aastra IntelliGate Communications Systems A150 A Aastra 2380ip User s Guide

Starting Aastra ip manually: Double-click and enter your PIN. Right-click to open the context menu of the Aastra ipsymbol in the info area of the taskbar and or right-click to open the context menu of the phone window and select Settings. Click Apply to confirm the modifications.

Select the user interface options as follows: When starting the application, a short information display appears. Confirm that you really want to exit Aastra ip. You obtain tooltips for certain keys. Show in system tray on close: If you exit the Aastra ip using, aastrq application is not completely closed but minimised in the info area of the taskbar. Run application when Windows starts: When starting your PC the Aastra ip is automatically started. Application on telephony events: In case of telephony events, the Aastra ip is displayed in front.

Minimise application on startup: The Aastra ip is automatically minimised in the taskbar. Settings – Audio Open the context menu in the phone window and select Settings. Select the General tab. Select the settings you want and click Apply to confirm. Your system administrator has fitted your PC containing the Aastra ip aastrz a media device. This could be a handset, a headset or a Bluetooth device.

Depending on the aatsra, the operation of your 2380pi ip may differ slightly from these instructions.

Aastra 2380ip software download

Ask aasrra system administrator to explain the correct operation in each case. Select your input and output device and the corresponding settings. In most cases, your system administrator will have already qastra these settings for the devices you use. Your voice on the aasta is automatically 2380up if you are speaking quietly or the microphone is further away.

Switch on, when your call parties can hear the echo of their own voice. Reduces the noise levels. Only audio signals of a certain area are able to pass, audio signals outside this area high, deep are attenuated.

When switched on, no data is sent over the network when the microphone receives no sound. Without Voice Activity Detection data is continuously sent, even Aastra ip When switched on, the application can directly use the audio hardware of the system, thus accelerating the speed and reducing the amount of computer power needed to process the sound data.

Settings Output device Open the context menu in the phone window and select Settings. Select the Audio tab. Calls can ring on the internal PC speaker, the media device or another connected speaker external speaker.